33 Keys for Thriving in the Next 5 Years

Open the door to transformation. Enter into "a new era, rich in love."  Bring your best self forward as we make this turn together.

33-Day Life Course for Full Thriving

Are You Ready to Fly? Come Alive and Thrive


This life course will help you to: 

  • Navigate change creatively and confidently in the years ahead
  • Enhance your daily experience of your life and your life’s work
  • Build new connections and skills for relationship and collaboration
  • Thrive flying solo and in the context of community

This life course includes:

  • Daily Video one one of the 33 essential qualities
  • Daily Prompt to cultivate each day's essential quality
  • Daily LIFE Journaling Page (PDF) to record your own life notes
  • Daily Audio (MP3) for those who prefer to listen on the go
  • NEW! Daily Soul Essence Art {SEA} Doodle Coloring Page

A Look Inside the Course

Each day you'll get access to a video on cultivating one essential quality for thriving, plus an audio download, LIFE Tool, and LIFE Notes journal page.

We are living in a time of great transformation. We, whose hearts long to sing our soul songs and share unique gifts of grace, are BIRDS OF A FEATHER, a flock unlike any the world has seen before. Now is our time. If we show up fully and choose courageously, we will fly into a whole new way forward together.


What Participants Say

“This course came along at just the right moment! This journey has reconnected me with my soul, my higher inner self that is filled with wisdom and a knowing of what my path is all about." 

"I really loved going through each essential quality and could not put it down. I was eagerly awaiting each quality as it was posted! Each quality helped me find clarity and defined my intentions.”

"I love the photos matched to the essential qualities. Each quality really made me think deeply about each one. The clarity was immense. After finishing the course, I was able to clearly state my mission!"

"It stretched my horizons, made me dig deep, and think about the essential quality in a way I had not thought about it before. I felt a shift, an expansion, and it feels great!"

"I felt very supported and was pleasantly surprised by the content. I loved this course so much that I want to do it again after the new year."


Come fly into a whole new way forward through the cultivation of these 33 essential qualities. I promise you if you invest $1 a day in you and 20 minutes daily to cultivate YOU, so you can water the world with the fullest expression of who you are, your life will be enriched.


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