A 12-Day Photo + Soul Story Journey
to the Radical Reclamation of the True Self

Expose the lies • Embrace the Truth
about who you are and why you are here

immediate + lifetime access to photo journey, book download, truth statements, downloadable life tools, creative exploration, video inspiration and more.

The Truth About Who You Are

A 12-day Journey to the Radical Reclamation of the True Self through the Release of 12 Lies and a Reconnection to 12 Truth Statements

Expose the Lies

Identify and release lies and false beliefs about you once and for all.

Speak Truth

Affirm your true identity with bold new truth statements and life tools.

Celebrate Beauty

Strengthen your connection to true identity and your unique gifts.

Inside the 12-Day True Identity Life Course

Day 1 True Success • Day 2 True Belonging • Day 3 True Peace • Day 4 True Wisdom • Day 5 True Originality • Day 6 True Love • Day 7 True Healing • Day 8 True Grace • Day 9 True Compassion • Day 10 True Simplicity • Day 11 True Value • Day 12 True Capability

We'll expose lies
and explore new truth statements
for 12 aspects of your True Identity

I'll share the behind-the-scenes
soul stories that unfolded as I took
each of the 12 photographs

You'll have the opportunity to go
deeper with life tools, a creative project
inspiration, and downloads

This life course will help you to: 

   * Identify and release lies and false beliefs
   * Reconnect to your true identity
   * Affirm your true nature with new truth statements
   * Strengthen your connection to your inner truth  

This life course includes:

   * The True Identity book download
   * 12 false beliefs + 12 aspects of true identity
   * 12 Nature of Life photographs with interpretations plus "the story behind the story"
   * The True Identity LIFE Toolkit
   * Soul Essence Art {SEA} Exploration / creative project
   * Bonus inspiration 


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